Place where oneself true connected to Daichi inheriting tradition breathes.

From Hinoemata to Oze

Treasure house of nature Oze on behalf of Japan.
Spring Mizubasho, flowers such as summer day lily.
We are full of charm of nature including scenery and Falls only in moor.
Oze from Hinoemata where way of enjoying spreads through variously.
Well, let's go out together.

Nature of Oze

Oze grand mountain

By starting from Hinoemata-mura, can enjoy mountain climbing to various grand mountains including Hiuchigatake and Aizu-Komagatake which are the highest peak from Tohoku and to the north.
Wonderful view, Falls and rare alpine plant ...
Let's enjoy the mountains which many impressions wait for to one's heart's content.

Mountain climbing of Oze

Oze Hinoemata Onsen

Three hot water one-day in Oze Hinoemata Onsen featuring spring quality of abundant quantity of water and two.
By the way, people relax leisurely, and we do visiting spas, and way of enjoying varies.
Time for healing of you preference to the full.

Oze Hinoemata Onsen day return hot water

Hinoemata Kabuki

From parent to child
It has been inherited from generation to generation from the Edo era
Traditional arts "Hinoemata Kabuki"
It depends all on villager from actor to stagehand
For realistic performance of the company
We forget that time passes.

Original scenery of INSTAGRAM Hinoemata

We watch in INSTAGRAM